Redmond Minerals is proud to offer these products, free of any chemical pollutants or other harmful substances, to livestock producers around the world.  The utilization of these minerals enables animals to perform the way nature intended.  Countless are the reports we’ve received from happy customers who witnessed a change in their animals from the use of our products.

Dairy Cattle

Dairies report lower somatic numbers, higher components, stronger heats, increased butterfat, and other benefits.

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Beef Cattle

Most beef cattle experience shinier coats, less hoof problems, less raw feed in the manure, and more.

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Other Livestock

Redmond Conditioner can allow you to have healthier, more efficient animals with higher production rates.

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Soil Application

Faster and healthier plant growth, better color, higher yields, and increased resistance to disease.

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My cows prefer Redmond Salt and Conditioner, and it costs less than the products I had been using. My components have also improved.

Organic Dairy, Montpelier, ID

Without any other changes to my feeding program, my cows were ready for market several weeks ahead of schedule.

J.S., Iowa

In one year our soil went from nothing to something. We also had a 15% increase in yield over the control area that we didn’t treat with sea minerals.

Noel Alexander, Nebraska